Habitat for Humanity of Northwest Louisiana was chartered in November of 1990 by a group of local business men concerned with poverty housing in Northwest Louisiana. The founders were Malcolm Murchison, Bishop Friend, Ron Defatta, Rev. Bobby Guffey and Rev. Bart Gould.

Malcolm Murchinson had a client who had purchased 31 lots in the Valencia subdivision in an unsuccessful attempt to gain a majoirty interest. Murchinson persuaded his client to donate the property to Habitat for Humanity of NW Louisiana to be used for housing.

The affiliate consulted with housing experts to determine which would be suitable for rehabilitation and began with six. To date Habitat for Humanity of NW Louisiana has built dozens of homes in the Shreveport-Bossier area. Over 100 people are now living in their own home. 

Over the years, Habitat has had several notable sponsors such as Ark-La-Gas Co, the Home Builder's Association of Northwest Louisiana, the Relator's Association of NW Louisiana, BellSouth, Christus Schumpert, and the Shreveport Bar Association.

  1. A home donated by Kix Brooks of the country duo Brooks and Dunn was rehabilitated in memory of Jim Wilhite, past president of Ark-La-Gas. 

  2. The Home Builders Association of Northwest Louisiana entered into an agreement with Habitat to build a house each year. One year they would build a house in Shreveport and in the following year, one would be built in Bossier City. To date they have built five homes.

  3. Bell South joined with Christus Schumpert to build a house in one week on Fairfield Ave.

  4. The Shreveport Bar Association sponsored a house on E. 67th Street.

Habitat for Humanity of Northwest Louisiana has also established partnerships with 52 local area churches to help fund local projects. Some of these include:

  1. St. Catherine, St. Joseph and St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton joined together to sponsor homes on E. 72nd Street. 

  2. First Presbyterian Church sponsored a home on Dallas Street in the Valencia Subdivision.

Habitat for Humanity of Northwest Louisiana currently only builds new houses for first time homeowners. We no longer rehabilitate houses due to material costs. If you would like to sponsor a house please contact the Habitat for Humanity of NW Louisiana office directly at 318-868-8040.